Mother Nature can pull off so many surprises. You might think you know the basics, but even those don’t always apply when it comes to nature. For example, we all know that predators hunt and eat prey animals. A carnivore will never pass up an opportunity to eat a prey. As far as the rule of nature goes, it’s either kill or be killed. But a story from Albania challenged all this that we know.

A wolf had trespassed into a small village in Albania. He was caught by the locals and put into a small pen. The people who were holding him captive decided to feed a live donkey to the wolf. This particular donkey had been exploited for years. He was now growing older, and was not able to work like the way he used to. The village people decided to feed him to the captive wolf because he was unable to put in a lot of work.

But when he was put into the wolf’s pen, something totally unexpected happened. Instead of a bloody ending that most villagers expected, these two became friends! The wolf didn’t attack the donkey, and was really gentle with it instead. A petition was made to force the villagers to release the two unusual friends. The captors finally gave in after much pressure and public outcry. The donkey was set free into another pasture. It was even rumored that the wolf comes to visit him from time to time.

You might have heard of unusual animal friendships, but this one certainly stands out from the rest, doesn’t it?

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