Children are little bundles of joy. They have the ability to make you smile no matter what. They are just so innocent and cute, and even a small smile from them can light up your day. Sometimes, they can be a little difficult, but it’s only because everything is new around them and they have to get used to it. If you really think about it, it doesn’t take a lot for them to cheer up or smile—you can give them the simplest thing and they will be over the world!

For instance, you might have seen many videos of children on the internet doing the most hilarious things. Their parents can be doing something as simple as Peek-a-boo, and they can’t stop their laughter! Well, the parent in the following did something a little more complicated than peek-a-boo. She started singing the theme song from “Eastenders” to her beautiful twin babies.

The funniest part is, as soon as they hear their mom singing the tune, both the babies can’t stop laughing! They are completely delighted by it, and both of them start laughing in perfect sync as well. You can see how much they’re enjoying it, based on how they are almost dancing to the tune. Thankfully, their mom was able to capture all of this on camera so she could share it with the world.

Their laughter is just contagious, isn’t it? What an adorable pair!

Check out this amazing video below:

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