Everyone has smartphones these days, so it’s not unusual for anyone of us to whip out our cameras to film or shoot anything interesting we encounter during the day. Gone are the days you had to take someone else’s word for anything you saw.

YouTube creator Preston Leatherman decided to film himself having a dance party in crowded shopping spots. But there was a catch—he was the only guy at the “dance party”!

With only an iPod and headphones, Preston decided to dance without a care in the world. And he got some really good reactions!

He put on the hit song from the 1984 film Footloose and really got down to business. He dances in busy areas like Target and an arcade, and even the mall! Some seemed a little shocked, while others even decided to join in the dance!

In one spot, a woman who can’t hear the music he’s dancing to joins Preston, and still matches his steps like they practiced beforehand!

A table of ladies at a restaurant weren’t so open, as they half-smiled and also pretended not to notice him dancing alone like that.

Little kids were much more open to his dancing, and some young boys also joined in on the fun. As he danced towards his big finish, he got a group of kids to dance along as well.

There are tons of people who would do anything for more views on social media, from dangerous stunts to pranks that really hurt or offend others. But Preston just spread a lot of joy, only with the risk of making himself look a little silly.

Well, his moves brightened up the day of everyone he met in some little way, which is good, don’t you agree?

Check out the full video below:

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