Elephants are some of the most beautiful creatures on planet earth. They are not only renowned for their magnificence, but also revered for their intelligence. However, like all other animals, even these mighty gentle giants have fallen victim to the cruelty of human nature. We hunt them for sport, we lock them up for entertainment purposes, and we even slaughter them in the name of medicine. Featured below is the story of one of these unfortunate elephants.

Meet Sook-Jai. This poor thing was captured by humans and was forced to work many different jobs almost all her life. She moved from job to job and belonged to many different owners. Sook-Jai was made to work until she couldn’t anymore. Thankfully, she got a chance to be free from all that, even though her freedom came a bit late. The 73 year old elephant was finally rescued and transferred to the safety of her new home.

When she arrived at the Park, the elephant gently raised her trunk to smell the new place and sent low rumbles out into the field, tears running down her face. Her eyes are dim and her hearing is faint, but she is finally in a good place. Lets hope she lives the rest of her life in peace. Watch Sook-Jai’s touching journey below! What did you think about that? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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