Winter can be really fun, but can get a little boring after a while. Many of us are ready for the sun. Sadly, there are still a few months until the warm weather arrives and we can kiss the snow goodbye.
Even though summer is not coming anytime soon, this little boy was done staying indoors and wanted to play outside. His mom got him ready in a thick coat and hat and gloves.

Mom wrapped him up in a puffy coat before letting him go outside. But moments after going outside, this little boy was fed up of the snow.

There are some people who actually get seasonal depression during winter. While this boy wasn’t that sad, he was really frustrated by it.

He just wanted to get out of the house, move around and do everything little kids do. Now is cry of exasperation is going viral online!

After shoveling snow for a few moments, he desperately calls out god to help him out by making things warm! His plea was from the bottom of his heart, which is why so many people loved it!

Check out the full video below:

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