If you know Joshua Jordan, then you know he’s is a really gifted magician! But instead of the regular far like sawing women in half or guessing the card you picked, his most amazing trick might just be his simple yet brilliant method to remove snow from a driveway or yard without the aid of a snow shovel.

All he does is create a long snowball before beginning to roll the snow out of the way. He filmed himself rolling away the snow, and now it’s getting a lot of attention online!

But this doesn’t work with just any kind of snow—you need heavy, wet snow for this, not the powdery stuff. When the snow is a few inches deep, start by making a log shaped snowball. Once you have a compact snowball, start to roll the snowball over, almost like rolling a carpet!

The more you roll, the heavier the roll gets and the easier it’ll be to clear it all away. You can kiss your shovel goodbye after seeing this amazing hack!

This hack is especially useful if you get a lot of snow every year. Now you won’t have to break your back slaving over the snow anymore!

Check out this amazing video below:

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