Snoop Dogg is a music legend. His career began in 1992 and he has since sold around 35 million albums worldwide. He has received lots of awards, with a whopping 18 Grammy nominations to his name. The West Coast icon is even involved in lots of other ventures. Snoop Dogg has a long-standing comedy sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, in which, he acts as a narrator in a hilarious version of the BBC/Discovery Channel show, Planet Earth.

Snoop’s rendition is comically titled “Plizzanet Earth”, and it ended up becoming so popular that there even was a petition to have him narrate a whole season of the actual show! Featured below is one hilarious episode from the segment and it is sure to crack you up. Snoop narrated his Snoopified bit for “Iguana vs. Snakes” the way only he can. This scene was one of the most dramatic moments in the beautiful nature documentary “Planet Earth 2”. And the only way to make it more dramatic was to have Snoop Dogg narrate it. People were not disappointed.

Plizzanet Earth has become one of the most beloved “nature programs” on the planet, and all thanks to Snoop. When the video started, the MC is shocked as he sees some snakes chase a “cute little lizard”. He was so concerned for the baby iguana, he called snakes “straight a–holes.” Check out this hilarious video below! Did that crack you up? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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