Winter does have both pros and cons. The downside of the chilly weather is how much of a hassle it becomes to commute to work. You can’t enjoy a nice stroll outside without putting on layers upon layers of clothes. It might seem beautiful at first after that first blanket of snow falls down, but once the cold really picks up, staying indoors for most of the day can make you feel really cooped up.

But winter isn’t all that bad. It also brings with it the holiday season. You can also have fun outdoors making snow angels and snowmen. Skiing and sledding is also always fun. The little guy in the following video was really excited about sledding down a gentle hill. But he wasn’t the only one who was hyped up about it—he had a group of miniature horses that was just as excited!

This little boy named Johnson was taking his sled up a little slope. His grandma was filming him the whole time. He was accompanied by a huge group of miniature horses that had been bred and raised by his mom and granny. As he climbed up, the horses all followed him in a line! When he finally reached the top and slid down, they followed suit!

These adorable horses just wanted to accompany the little boy in his winter adventures!

Check out this amazing video below:

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