Pit bull is one of the most famous dog breeds in the world, but not always in a good way. Many people stereotype this breed to be especially violent and vicious. Often used as attack dogs and for dog fighting rings, these dogs have been banned in many places. Even though dog fighting is illegal, it still exists. And so do people who train pit bulls for blood sports. What most of us fail to comprehend is that a dog grows up how it was raised. We need to stop blaming the wrong end of the leash.

Pit bulls, like some other dog breeds, have been falsely accused of being nasty creatures. However, this couldn’t be more wrong. If raised right, pit bulls can be as gentle as a lamb. If they aren’t trained right, even dogs like Golden Retrievers can cause you harm. Featured below is an example. Meet Sharky. This handsome pit bull is one of the kindest and gentlest souls out there. You are going to melt when you see how he interacts with his friends.

Sharky was out in his family’s yard when some of his friends decided to approach him. The video below shows him hanging out with a variety of different animals like roosters (hilariously named Mr. Rooster I and Mr. Rooster III), chicks, ducklings, and even a guinea pig called Penélope (who is actually his favorite out of the bunch). The poor pup even gets “attacked” by one of the roosters, but his reaction is just adorable!

Check out the sweet video below!

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