German Shepherds are known for their protective and obedient nature. This makes them perfect candidates for being guard dogs. They can really be aware of anybody trying to break into your home and trying to do any harm. No wonder they are one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the world, whether to work for the military or be pets at home.

But one German Shepherd named Sami showed a different aspect to her protective side. Her family was getting ready to prepare a lobster for dinner. Lobsters have to be boiled alive, and perhaps Sami wasn’t cool with it. She ended up protecting the lobster with all her might!

Sami didn’t let anybody near her crustacean friend. She even bared her teeth at the other family dog! She put her head over the lobster and wrapped her paws around the little critter like her life depended on it.

Even when her dad asked her to let go of the lobster, Sami refused and kept doing her best to save the lobster. She was definitely not cool about her friend being cooked and eaten.

Her family says that she shows this sort of protective behavior towards other things as well. Everything from small babies to even the pet snake, she will show her maternal side.

This is surprising, as Sami never had puppies herself. Maybe her motherly instinct is just too much, so it seeps out to other things around her as well.

Check out the full video below:

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