The Got Talent franchise has been providing a platform for people to showcase their talents and gain a lot of exposure. The popular franchise has now spread all over the world, and is quite a hit! Recently on Asia’s Got Talent, a never-before-seen act was performed by a young lady and it really shook everyone to their core! A 25-year-old Indonesian mentalist called The Sacred Raina really pushed the limits with magic and became a sensation.

Raina’s act was unique because she blended illusions with horror. The end result was something that really chilled your heart, yet you couldn’t look away from her. She left the judges speechless on her audition itself, and went on to go to the finals. The following video shows her final act on the show, and it was just as breathtaking as anybody expected from her.

She got onstage looking as scary as ever. All she had with her on the stage was a single box. She told the audience about demons, and it got them scared enough. But it was how she conjured up a huge group of “demons” from a single box that really stunned everyone. There was absolutely no way all of them fit in that box, and she had showed the box from every corner to prove that there was no hiding place. Everyone was totally blown away!

With an epic performance like this, it’s no wonder that this talented lady went on to win that season of the series. Despite being quite scary, she really deserved it, both for her breathtaking magic as well as how flawlessly she created the horror!

Check out this amazing video below:

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