Mother Nature is a wonderful thing. It is totally beautiful, and sometimes it can take your breath away. You can never really tell what you might encounter on any day when you’re out and about in nature. Even a simple stroll in the garden can turn out to be a magical experience. When you’re out at sea, things can be even more amazing. There is so much we still have to learn about marine life, and marine animals can be really fascinating too. The couple who took the following video definitely agree.

When Meagan Abele and Clayton Manning were travelling off the coast of Little Beach in Nelson Bay, NSW, Australia, they noticed something very peculiar. A pregnant male H. Whitei seahorse was right in front of them. They were there with a conservation group called the Project Seahorse in order to conduct some research and they were really lucky to be able to catch the delivery of the babies right before their eyes.

In most other species, the female is responsible for bearing the children. But it is the male seahorses that carry the baby rather than the females, even though they don’t make the eggs themselves. The female lays her eggs inside her male’s pouch and he fertilizes the eggs. This pouch is responsible for maintaining the temperature, blood flow, and water salinity for the delivery of the baby. Now that is something amazing!

It’s amazing to watch this father seahorse deliver up to 1000 newborn babies!

Check out this amazing video below:

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