Different breeds of dogs have their own personalities. Sadly, pit bulls have earned a reputation for being aggressive and unruly, sometimes downright dangerous. There is so much fear surrounding them that some states in the USA have even put a ban on keeping them as pets. But they are just misunderstood. A dog’s personality also depends a lot on how he was raised, so any dog can become dangerous if not raised and trained properly.

Pit bulls have also sadly been used in dog fighting. Though it is illegal, dog fights still take place in the shadows. It endangers the lives of these poor dogs, and leaves them scarred for life. Time and again they have shown that they can be the sweetest companions if only given a proper environment and lots of love to thrive on. You just need to be patient with them, and they can be the best family dogs!

If you’re in doubt, just look at the following video. It shows a 4-year-old boy feeding four giant pit bulls their dinner. He is as tall as them, and they must be all stronger than the boy, but the dogs are so well-disciplined. They patiently wait for the boy to give them their bowl and show no sign of aggression or agitation. Also a fun fact: pit bulls actually used to be called “Nanny dogs” because they were so good with children, and this video seems to prove it.

This goes to show that with good training and proper leadership, any dog can be a real angel in the house.

Check out this amazing video below:

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