Dogs are brilliant. Many families all over the world have kept them as pets. They provide the best company, don’t they? We treat them as a part of our family, and they love us plenty in return. However, there are some owners who don’t treat their dogs as they deserve to be treated. Grayce the pit bull was a victim of one of these abusive families. But thankfully, the poor pooch was rescued before it was too late.

The video below features a sweet moment featuring Grayce and her new foster mom. When the rescue pit bull gave birth to 11 puppies, she put all of them into her foster mom’s lap, one by one. “I think she feels unsure still as a new mom,” says Stevoni Wells Doyle. “And she needed love and reassurance from someone she loves and trusts.” According to the woman, Grayce had been neglected in her previous home, and “needed a safe environment to have her pups.”

Doyle has fostered hundreds of dogs before, and she believes that animals need us. “We are their voice and we need to protect them.” However, she says she has never experienced something such as this. “I was honored that she chose me to trust with her pups and herself,” Doyle says. “I’m still overwhelmed with her love.”

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