Panda bears are some of the cutest things on the planet. They have managed to melt millions of hearts all over the world despite their clumsiness – or maybe, it is because of their clumsiness. Native to China, pandas are “conservation reliant vulnerable species”. In 2015, giant panda population increased by 16.8%, so they were reclassified from “endangered” to “vulnerable”. These bamboo fanatics are often known as China’s national symbol, alongside dragons.

Generally docile and gentle, they have been known to attack humans sometimes, seemingly out of irritation rather than aggression. However, most of the times, they just want to hang around with their human friends. They are very social and love taking naps, eating, and just messing around without a single care in the world. They don’t even care if they get themselves into trouble – they can are air-headed after all. Another thing that they really enjoy is cuddling. Just take a look at the following clip for example!

The video below features an adorable baby panda that just wants to play with his nanny. But unluckily for him, his nanny has a lot of things to do. The busy man has tasks he needs to complete, but the panda was having none of that. Wait till you see how he clings to the man! Check out this hilarious video below! Did that bring a smile to your face? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments section!

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