Owen Wright was only 22 months old when he was stolen right out of his stroller at a local playground in Sprague, WA. But his two older siblings were not going to give him up easy. Eight-year-old Delicia and her 10-year-old brother, Brendan, immediately jumped into action. The three kids were in the care of their babysitter, but they were playing at a park near her house, unsupervised. That’s when a stranger approached them and kidnapped little Owen.

Delicia and Brenden both ran after the alleged kidnapper, screaming for help the whole time. A grocery store surveillance camera caught a part of the chase on camera, which quickly went viral. Their screams caught the attention of two teenagers, Andrew Crane and Isaac Yow, who immediately joined in the pursuit. Scared, the culprit abandoned Owen in an empty lot and fled the scene. The children’s dad, Mike Wright, was shocked but relieved to hear that his family was okay.

The suspect turned out to be one of Andrew and Isaac’s class mates. “I’m feeling happy, I’m feeling angry at the same time. I do know the person,” said Andrew. Isaac even said that he saw the kidnapper earlier that day, but he was acting completely normal. “He just looked like he normally would,” said Isaac. The unarmed teenager has been booked into a juvenile facility and is awaiting court.

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