Having a pet with you can really make a huge difference in your everyday life. They make you more responsible, as you need to look after their every need. They can also make you feel really relaxed and at ease, since cuddling with them can really reduce your stress and anxiety. Playing with them or being around them after a long day at work can really recharge your batteries.

Depending on your personality, you might want a different pet as well. People who love being affectionate as well as having affection showered on them might like dogs more, whereas quieter people who are not as outgoing might prefer cats. These days, people are experimenting keeping all sorts of unconventional pets, from hedgehogs to foxes to even otters! The following video shows one adorable otter, and he will surely win your heart.

The otter in this video is called Cartel. He is an Asian small-clawed otter, living with his owner in Bangkok, Thailand. He might be tiny, but he is full of love! This video shows him clinging on to his owner’s arm in the most affectionate way. He simply refuses to let go and be apart from his beloved owner! Otters almost seem like a more aquatic version of a dog, and Cartel here really proves the point perfectly!

It’s hard not to fall for him after watching this adorable video!

Check out this amazing clip below:

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