The ostrich is a large flightless bird, native to Africa. It has a very distinctive appearance, with a long neck and legs that can help it run at up to nearly 70 km/h. This is the fastest land speed of any bird. The common ostrich is the largest living species of bird in the world and lays the largest eggs of any living bird. And they are also quite scary. When cornered, an ostrich can attack with a kick of its powerful legs that have long sharp claws. Ostrich kicks can kill a human or a potential predator like a lion.

The group of cyclists in the following video had a bizarre experience thanks to an ostrich. They had come to South Africa for the Cape Argus Tour. It is one of biggest cycling events in the world. In order to stretch their legs, they went on a pre-race ride of 130 km to the Cape of Good Hope. The road by the side of the ocean was quiet and a bit deserted. Suddenly, one of them spotted a white ostrich on their left. He says the big beast then jumped on the road and started chasing his friends!

The man describes the experience: “It was a little scary at first, but then I thought I gonna fall of my bike from laughter. The ostrich didn’t have any problem to keep up at 50km/h. Luckily the creature decided to leave us alone, as we were running out of road. The Cape of Good hope is a dead-end way. My guess he wanted to show off in front of his girlfriend, I bet she was very impressed!”

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