There is nothing quite like seeing animals in their natural environment. It is where they are themselves, and you can get to witness their true behavior. But you should always be careful of places that you need to pay for to interact with animals. For instance, many “sanctuaries” around the world try to get tourists to cough up money to play with animals. But little do they know that such animals are heavily sedated and treated quite badly.

The only way to witness animals is from a distance. The following video does just that. It followed a herd of elephants in at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. Elephants are social creatures, and live and thrive in large groups. They eat together, travel together and sometimes, even play together. The following video captured these elephants during playtime, and it’s just too adorable to watch! If you love elephants, you’ll surely love this one!

These elephants had come across a small muddy hill on their path. But instead of avoiding it, they decided to make the most of it. They began using the small hill as a slide! These smart creatures realized that this could be used to play with and entertain themselves with. Even the little baby calves picked it up and started sliding around adorably! Isn’t that cute? These people were really lucky to witness this in person!

Elephants have kept humans surprised with their antics, and this is just one example of the things that they can do!

Check out this amazing video below:

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