Some kids are so shy and quiet. They like playing alone, or just enjoying their space alone. But the little girl in the following video is definitely not that kind. If you’ve been on the internet for a while, you might know Mila, the sassy little girl who serves a lot of attitude with a side of cuteness. She took some time to reflect on the future with her twin sister.

Mila and her twin Emma sat down to have a serious conversation about their future. They are barely out of their diapers, but these kids already have their eyes on their careers.

Mila asks Emma what she wants to be in the future, and she says she wants to be a teacher. Mila then reminds her that she isn’t really fond of kids, so maybe that career isn’t good for her.

Emma then goes on to list the other options she has in her mind, but Mila has a really solid reason why it’s not the ideal one. She says Emma is too scared of blood to be a doctor, not smart enough to be an engineer, and construction work is going to be too sweaty.

After all the options are exhausted, the two sisters hug it out. They comfort each other saying that they don’t need to be so stressed as they still have some time left to contemplate about the future.

This is just a skit, but Mila makes it look so convincing. She has won millions of hearts with her adorable yet sassy videos, and has made it clear how badly she wants to be an actress. She is doing a good job so far, and if she pursues it, she might go on to be a really good one!

You can’t help but love these little girls. Watch till the end of the video to see Mila’s true feeling about the whole thing—you’ll surely enjoy it!

Check out the full video below:

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