Friendship is one of the most beautiful things in the world. They say that you can’t hose your family, but you can definitely choose who you can be friends with. When you’re good friends, you just turn into family, and share your lives with each other. They say birds of a same feather flock together, but there are times when even the unlikeliest individuals become great friends.

This is true in the animal kingdom as well. Animals of different species have been seen to be quite friendly with each other. For instance, you might have seen videos online of dogs being friends with everything from elephants, cheetahs and even their “enemies”, cats. It’s quite impossible to believe, but it’s true. But any sort of friendship, no matter how deep, has to start from somewhere, and the following video shows the beginnings of one!

This video shows a tiny kitten becoming friends with a little hedgehog. The hedgehog, called Harley, is so much smaller than the kitten, but he doesn’t appear to be too afraid. The kitty, Loki, is really curious about the little critter, so he keeps circling and trying to get a closer look at him. It might take a while for them to get used to each other, but with some time, they will surely be really good friends!

Check out this amazing video below:

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