Babies are curious in nature. Everything is new to them and they love to explore. Just take a look at the adorable little boy in the video below! This cute kid was only 20 months old when this clip was taken, and he was still discovering new things. The following footage shows him finding out about his eyebrows for the first time. But its his reaction that has taken the internet by storm.

This adorable little boy is called Leon and he has lots to learn. He is slowly getting there. This particular day, he made a new discovery – his eyebrows. He soon realizes that he can move them and he is really fascinated by the finding. Along with his dad, Lucas MacEochaidh, and mom, Bethany, the little boy goes in front of a mirror and starts moving his eyebrows. What the camera caught is the cutest thing ever!

Leon’s hilarious response to this new experience cracks up both his parents. The mom and dad can’t stop chuckling at their son’s antics. This sweet moment between the three of them is going to make you laugh as well! Their laughter is contagious!

Watch this precious video below! Isn’t that adorable? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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