Having siblings has both its pros and cons. On the downside, you are not the only child anymore and have to share the attention and love of your parents with your siblings. On the plus side though, you have yourself a partner in crime that you can do so many things with. But it’s not always easy for small children to accept the fact that they aren’t the only kid anymore.

The little girl in the following video had to deal with not one, but two additions to the family! Little Juliana had to welcome twin sisters, and she had a lot of thoughts about it.

That is why Dad’s friend, Sean, wanted to take an interview with her. He wanted to look at everything from a child’s perspective after finding out she had two new siblings. And the end result was totally hilarious!

Sean sits down for a serious interview with the toddle, who just reached one year and five months in age. She didn’t appear to be too excited about the new additions, as she said that in the perfect scenarios, it would only be her with mom and dad.

Researchers say that newborn kids can make the older siblings unsure about things. One thing that parents can do to warm up their child about the new additions in the family is to purchase baby items ahead of time so the older kids can get used to the idea of having other kids around.

That’s not to say that Juliana won’t warm up to her baby sisters eventually. Despite the changes in the family, Juliana didn’t seem too upset and look pretty comfortable and confident with being the older sister.

Check out this hilarious video below:

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