Having a dog in the house can really help make things lively. It depends on the breed of the dog as well. There are really lively and energetic dogs that need a lot of engagement and exercise, and there are couch potatoes that love nothing more that lounging around.

When you get a dog, you have to be prepared for some naughtiness as well. They might be angels, but they also do their fair share of mischiefs as well. The husky in the following video is the perfect example for this.

This adorable husky, named Azlan, was being interrogated by his mom. One of her tennis shoes was missing, so she wanted to know if he had anything to do with it.

When she starts asking him, Azlan looked totally indignant at first. He couldn’t believe that she would suspect him! He kept howling in protest at first, trying to make his case.

But his mom knew him too well. When she kept digging at him, he finally relented and went to get her other shoe. Sure enough, he brings it like a good boy and hands it to her.

Mom wasn’t that tough on him either. After he corrected his mistake, she let him know she was really thankful. The bond that a dog shares with his owner is truly one of a kind, don’t you agree?

Check out the full video below:

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