Apes are incredibly intelligent creatures. They are the closest relatives we have in the wild. That is why they still share so many similarities with us. Over the years, scientists have found out so many interesting things about these creatures. The man in the following video, John Damian Androcles Aspinall, is an English businessman. But he is also known around the world as a famous wildlife conservationist. This story is about his reunion with an old friend in the wild.

Aspinall raised a zoo-bred lowland gorilla for five years. The gorilla was named Kwibi, and ever since he was a baby, he was around Aspinall. But in 2005, they felt that Kwibi was old enough and capable enough to be released back into the wild. So as a part of the conservation program, Kwibi was released into the forests of Gabon in West Africa. Kwibi managed to reintegrate into a group of gorillas, and Aspinall wouldn’t see him for another 5 years.

Aspinall later decided to visit his old friend once again. He headed out into the jungles again. The man didn’t really know what to expect. Kwibi would be 10 years old now, and he would be much bigger and stronger than before. He was also a wild animal in the end, so he didn’t know how he could react. But when they finally reunited, the gorilla surprised him with his reaction! He instantly recognized him, and they had a very heartwarming reaction!

The gorilla hadn’t forgotten about his guardian in all these years. He was so gentle with the man and treated him like family!

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