The battle between cats and dogs is a battle as old as time. Cats and dogs are said to be the biggest enemies. It’s not that surprising, as they have really different personalities. Dogs tend to be more outgoing, playful and affectionate, while cats are quieter and more about taking naps all day. The hyperactive natures of dogs seem to irk most cats, and the poor dogs can’t figure out why they can’t be friends!

While cats can be quite aloof from their canine counterparts, they can secretly plan some schemes in their minds as well. You might have seen many videos of cats stealing dog’s spaces or taking over their beds. Some dogs are too scared to go against these mean cats. They often have to resort to their owners’ intervention to get the cats off their stuff.

But the pooch in the following video didn’t need any help. This German Shepherd discovered that the cat was lounging on her bed. Gerty was not happy about it at all, and went straight into action. The dog stared down at the cat, Mrs. Peepers. The kitty tried to stand her ground and stubbornly tried to stay in the bed. Gerty was very assertive though, and the cat was forced to move away.

Gerty was so thorough that she even checked to see if the cat was really gone. Mrs. Peepers had to admit defeat and move to the other room as well.

Check out this amazing video below:

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