You might have heard of Gary Ridgway before. Also known as the Green River Killer, he is presumed to be responsible for the deaths of over 90 people. He was initially convicted of 48 separate murders, which soon rose in number; and has confessed to at least 71. This makes him the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history, according to confirmed murders. During the 1980s and 1990s, Ridgway was responsible for the killings of numerous women in Washington State.

Most of his victims were alleged to be sex workers and women in vulnerable situations, including underage runaways. He got his nickname after the first five victims were found in the Green River, before his identity was known. He strangled the women, usually by hand, but sometimes using ligatures. He would then dump their bodies in overgrown areas, often returning to have sexual intercourse.

In 2001, he was arrested for the murders of four women whose cases were linked to him through DNA evidence. As part of a plea bargain, wherein he agreed to disclose the locations of still-missing women, he was spared the death penalty and received a sentence of life imprisonment without parole.

The following video shares the statements of his slaughtered victims’ relatives. He remained emotionless during the whole exchange, until a dad of one of his victims took to the podium. The man’s words brought the infamous murderer to tears.

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