Winter is a really beautiful season. The first dusting of fresh snow on the ground, the chilly weather, the holidays—it’s all a great package. It’s a time to enjoy the indoors and getting cozy with warm drinks and hearty meals. But some regions get extremely cold, which can be quite a pain to deal with for months at a time every single year. The argument between those who love summer and those who cherish winter will never end!

The cooler seasons can be especially harsh on animals as well. Our pets are lucky to be living in a warm home, but wild animals need to be really prepared in order to survive through the cold. Some animals like bears just skip it altogether by hibernating. Others do their best to survive, but it can be really hard. The poor deer in the following video was almost a goner, but she was lucky to be found by some kind strangers.

The deer was stuck in the middle of a frozen pond. She must have crashed through the thin ice and gotten stuck in the cold water. A kind man quickly jumped in to help. He went in slowly with his sledgehammer, carefully stepping on to see how thin the ice really was. After he got a hold of the deer, he carefully brought her back to land, sometimes sliding her towards the shore.

After the terrible ordeal, the deer must have been shaken. But she did stay around for a little longer with her rescuers, perhaps to thank them for saving her life.

Check out this amazing video below:

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