Mother Nature can be as ruthless as she can be nurturing. In nature, only one rule applies to every living creature, and that is the survival of the fittest. Any animal that is not strong enough to survive on his own using the resources he has around him will eventually die off. That is what almost happened to the little fawn in the following video. Thankfully, she had a guardian angel in the form on this kind man.

The man had seen a doe with her twin fawns, but one of them was not walking properly. The mother left the weaker fawn behind. It might seem heartless son her part, but this is not uncommon in nature. The mother will leave the weaker offspring behind in order to focus on the stronger one and increase his chances of survival. It would have been the end for this fawn too, were it not for the kindness of this man.

She was rescued by the man, and things took a turn for the better. The fawn was timid at first, but felt at home after a few days. She even got acquainted with the man’s pets as well. He even made the poor fawn a brace for her foot using an old oatmeal carton box. The fawn grew stronger every day and was able to finally walk properly. After looking for her mother, the man reunited the fawn and the doe!

This particular fawn was pretty lucky. She was in the right place to be found by this kind man. It was a happy ending indeed!

Check out this amazing video below:

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