Turtles fall among the oldest and most primitive groups of reptiles, having evolved millions of years ago. They live all around the world in almost every sort of climate. “Turtle”, “tortoise”, and “terrapin” are frequently used as synonyms, but there are very distinct differences between them. Turtles spend most of their lives in water. They are adapted for aquatic life, with webbed feet or flippers and a streamlined body.

Turtles are not social creatures, and they are not very quiet either. There are many different kinds of turtles in the world. It has been reported that wood turtles are better than white rats at learning to navigate mazes. Turtles have even demonstrated a long-term memory of at least 7.5 months. Thanks to their hard shells, they live without fast reflexes or elaborate predator avoidance strategies. One thing that comes to mind whenever we picture these hard-shelled creatures is how slow they are. But as it turns out, this is not always true.

Turtles can be quite fast if they want to! If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the following clip! This super-fast turtle has take the internet by surprise. What we knew about them seems to have been a lie! Wait till you see this shocking video for yourself. I am still in awe of what just happened.

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