The Duetto Buffo Di Due Gatti, more commonly knows as “humorous duet for two cats” is a very popular classical piece for two sopranos, which is frequently performed as a concert encore. The tune is very fascinating, mainly because of the fact that the lyrics consist nothing but the repeated word “miau” or “meow”. Sometimes, the piece is also performed by a soprano and a tenor, or even a soprano and a bass.

The piece is typically attributed to Gioachino Rossini, but it was not actually written by him. It is instead a compilation written in 1825 that draws principally on his 1816 opera, Otello. Hubert Hunt claims that the compiler was Robert Lucas de Pearsall, who for this purpose adopted the pseudonym “G. Berthold”. Irrespective of its origin, this iconic song is well-known all over the world and is widely performed. Featured below is an amazing rendition of the classic.

The boys in the video are a part of a group called Les Petit Chanteurs A La Croix De Bois (Little Singers Of Paris). The main two singers are Hyacinthe de Moulins and Regis Mengus. All of them have grown up since then. You are no doubt going to enjoy this strange but chillingly beautiful piece! Check out their performance below and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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