Getting a new puppy is almost like having a baby. They become a part of your family, and you need to really teach them everything. Eventually, they will fit into your family and lifestyle, but initially, you need to teach them almost everything. From house training them to teaching them how to walk in a leash to even teaching them how to go down stairs, puppies learn it in the first year of their life. The little guy in the following video is a great example.

You might have watched videos online of dogs doing things for the first time. It can be hilarious as well as downright adorable. Watching them climb down the stairs is especially cute, since their fluffy and chubby little bodies look so cute while doing it. The following video also shows one of these pups going down the stairs for the first time, and his reaction is downright adorable.

Meet Butterball. This cute corgi is just so tiny! He is as tall as one of the steps on the staircase. He hesitates taking any step downstairs, and whines so much at first. The poor guy must have been so scared, trying to step out like that. But after some encouraging words from his mom, he finally mustered up some courage to take on his biggest fears!

After the ordeal was over, he seemed so happy and relieved. It was certainly an incredible achievement!

Check out this amazing video below:

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