The ocean is a huge and magical place. It’s incredible to realize that we know more about what is in outer space than we know what is under the sea! There are millions of species yet to be discovered in the oceans. While there are tons of scary things lurking under the water, from giant squids to sharks to venomous fish, there is a fair share of cute critters in the sea as well.

Everyone loves dolphins and orcas. Seals are also quite loved. They are almost like underwater dogs! They are social and live in groups, and can be quite curious as well. Sea lions are not that different. They look like seals but a bit bigger. Some of them have even learned how to make the most of having humans sailing on their territories!

The sea lions in Cabo, Mexico have learned how to get a free meal from the people that sail on their waters! They just jump on the back of the boat and wait until a friendly person feeds them! They have figured out that the people don’t harm them, and give them free food instead. Sometimes they even hang back even after seeing that the bait bucket is empty and there is no fish left over.

These sea lions must really be comfortable being around people, since they let them touch and feed them!

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