Cats and dogs are said to be age old enemies. They are like oil and water usually, and they just never mix. Perhaps it is because of their drastically different personalities. Dogs tend to be really affectionate and attached to their owners, almost to the point of being too clingy. They are really playful and exuberant, and need a good amount of daily exercise.

Cats, on the other hand, tend to be quite serious. They are playful as kittens, but as they grow up, they become more detached. It’s not like they don’t love their owners, but they are usually not as openly affectionate as dogs. Perhaps these differences, mainly the dogs’ bubbliness and the cats’ seriousness, causes a bit of friction between the two species.

But there are exceptions—cases of dogs and cats getting along together can be found on the internet. The following video is a good example. This clever cat knew his canine friend wanted to go outside. So he tried opening the door! He knew the pooch couldn’t reach the doorknob, so the kitty got on his tower and kept fumbling with the knob until it opened. As soon as it opened, the pooch rushed out like a bullet!

The cat had no idea that it was all being filmed on a hidden camera! His owner must have been really surprised after seeing this.

Check out this amazing video below:

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