Having a pet in the house can make things quite fun. When you first get them, you’re quite unsure of what to do, since you don’t really know them. But as they grow up, they grow on you as well. They start showing their hilarious and goofy side to you, and you can’t help but really love them. When you’re a pet owner, your pet is almost like a little baby to you, covered in fur, feathers or even scales!

Some people enjoy the company that birds give. Birds are quite easier to handle compared to dogs or even cats. They have huge personalities in their small bodies, and every bird is special that way. Parrots are popular pets. Everyone loves them for their ability to mimic speech and sounds. Caiques are also a type of parrot that are really playful and happy. Just look at the one in the following video.

This cute little bird had no idea he was being watched or filmed. He was alone in a room and totally enjoying himself. He knew how to entertain himself, and watching it was really fun. When he thought nobody was around, he starts walking in a really funny way! He stomps his feet quite intensely while walking, and it was just so adorable to watch!

Thankfully, this owner was able to capture this all on tape and share it with the rest of the world!

Check out this hilarious video below:

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