Children need a very safe environment to grow and learn. This is really important, especially at school and home, since they spend most of their time there. While parents can control the environment at home, school is a different story. Teachers can do their best to create a good environment in class, but sometimes they can fail to manage everything properly.

For instance, bullying is still present in schools, but sometimes even the teachers are clueless about it. They might not be able to identify the bully, or the bully might appear to be totally nice and normal in front of them but be a real pain towards classmates. Extreme cases of bullying can really scar the bullied child.

The teacher in this story, however, came up with a brilliant way to prevent any bullying from happening in her class. Kathy Pitt has been teaching math in school. Every week, she asks the children to write down who they want to sit with. She also asks them to nominate someone who’s been a good friend that week. The kids hand the slips over, then she studies a pattern in the slips. When she sees that a child is being left out, she takes action. This brilliant practice can help many children and save many lives.

It might seem like a simple move, but everybody needs to see this. Teachers everywhere must implement such a practice as well.

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