Siblings usually have a love-hate relationship going on. They can argue over every little thing, yet they can’t imagine life without having each other. But it’s not like they are always at each other’s throats—some siblings can get along fabulously as well.

The pair in the following video is a good example of kids getting along. They might have a huge age gap between them, but that doesn’t stop them from getting along together. When most kids that have such an age gap don’t gel well, these two are quite an exception.

Mom was able to capture the precious moment together. The older brother was holding his small baby brother in his arms. Meanwhile, a Michael Buble song was playing in the background.

The older boy is totally at ease with his little brother, and is so happy to interact with him. Researchers have reported that a great way to create bond between siblings is through regular, positive interactions. And the kids in this video are doing that perfectly.

They are dancing together in the sweetest way possible. Thankfully, mom had her camera at hand and was able to capture this precious moment together. Watching her two babies getting along so well must really make her heart swell.

Even if you don’t have a sibling of your own, watching these two really makes you appreciate the presence of an older sibling in your life!

Check out this amazing video below:

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