Bears are some of the most feared predators in the wild. They might look big and cuddly, but in fact, they are apex predators. That means they don’t have other natural predators, and they are on top of the food chain. They can be found in almost all climates, from the freezing snows of the arctic to the bamboo forests of China to the forests of North America. They are highly adaptive to their surroundings, and have even learned how to forage for food in human habitats!

The bear in the following video seems to be quite acquainted to other people. The man who shot the video had heard about these waving bears, so he decided to check them out with his wife in tow. When they did reach their destination, the bear that they saw was quite friendly. He stayed on his side of the fence and even sat on his legs to greet his visitors.

The lady started waving her hands, and to her delight, the friendly bear waved back! He must have learned how to do it after seeing everyone do it, and must have stuck to it after getting positive rewards for it. When the couple threw a slice of bread at him, the bear caught it right in his paw, and it was totally surprising and impressive indeed!

This adorable guy doesn’t mess around when it comes to food—he has the eye on a hawk when it comes to treats!

Check out the hilarious video below:

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