Who doesn’t love treats? We love them, and so do our animal friends. If you have a dog at home, I am sure you have been forced to share your delicious sandwiches to them, even if they just finished eating their share. But once they pull their adorable puppy dog eyes on you, you can’t really resist. Dogs love getting treats more than almost any creature in the world. And when you steal their treat, they can get pretty defensive about it.

Dogs don’t like sharing food, and taking food away from a dog is not really a bright idea. They can snap without really intending to. Their overprotective side comes to the surface whenever food is involved. So I was really scared when I saw this little girl steal her German Shepherd’s treat in the video below. But it looks like I was stressing for no reason. The dog is really gentle around the little human, and he doesn’t even mind her stealing his treat!

German Shepherds are big dogs, and can be really scary. But they are also very friendly and caring towards their loved ones. They won’t allow themselves to bring their family to harm. So even when Ava grabbed his treat right in front of him, Brano did nothing to stop her. Dad told him to take the treat from the kid’s hand, but he was so gentle and careful about the whole thing that he couldn’t even do that!

Check out this precious video below!

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